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Snake is a game based on and 2048. The squares follow one another like a snake, constantly collecting lower-value squares. Build up your own value and strength. The game becomes more competitive as the number of players increases. You can become another person's prey, and vice versa. So, the faster and more accurately you move, the better your chances of winning.

When you start the game, enter your nickname and begin playing. Initially, you will encounter low-value blocks, but as the number of competitors grows, you will find yourself in a dangerous situation. Play infinitely; if your opponent does not attack you, you are the strongest. But how do you win?

Play tips

Concentrate on collecting blocks of lower value. Only when you are strong enough will you be unafraid of your competitors.

If you don't want to become their prey, avoid areas with a high concentration of large competitors.

Use a variety of rockets to accelerate movement or collect blocks.

How to play?

To move around, use the mouse or arrow keys.

To boost, use the left mouse or the spacebar.

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