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Noob vs Pro Castle Defence

Noob vs Pro Castle Defence

In the game Noob vs Pro Castle Defence, you have to help Noob build his kingdom, protect it from alien monsters, and defeat them. The forces of evil are coming after Noob. Everything is a very big risk! Help protect Noob's kingdom!

Evil lives in the dark, and it's always ready to come through the red gates. Find out what the dark night hides!

Make a strategist if you want to plan your whole kingdom. You can make your buildings more secure and earn more money by building mines or a smithy. Find the best places to put up towers or archers and send the bad monsters back to where they came from. You are now ready to see how well you can stay alive.

This part of Noob's story can be seen right here. You can also join him and his friends in a second story by watching Noob: Pro vs Hacker vs God.


  • Role-playing and a game that never ends.
  • The difficulty goes up with each attack.
  • You can make things better.


Press W, A, or D to move around.

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