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Giant Rush!

Giant Rush!

In Giant Rush, you can use a 3D stickman to run across obstacles in the ocean. It's an action game in which you fight monsters and beat them. Get on the train to run through the obstacle course, combine blobs to make them bigger and stronger, and fight giant monsters.

In brawl games, you can use your sword to fight big monsters, avoid attacks, and beat your opponents. In an epic battle, you can choose how to lead your stickman hero to victory.

You can collect and improve your blob heroes, get past all the obstacles, and win the epic battle to the Giant King. You'll follow your stickman hero. In medieval fighting games, you have to gather and combine blobs to get stronger.

Are you prepared to fight? Let's get to know Pacman and Money Land better.


  • Your race is on the dangerous road.
  • Hurry to the end.
  • The Giants are easier to beat.
  • Getting rid of the monsters.


  • Hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON until you start to move.
  • You can get lost trying to move the cursor left and right.
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