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Fall Guys

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a similar multiplayer game to Fall Beans. The pea-shaped characters are extremely adorable and mischievous. Your objective is to compete with adversaries and overcome perilous obstacles until you emerge victorious. Defeating the world's numerous competitors is not easy. However, you can also invite more friends to play and relax with you.

More than 60 players will participate in each match. Transform into a cute bean and begin the quest. To play, you must navigate a three-dimensional playing field using actions such as jumping, grabbing, and diving. With the pea shape, movement will be somewhat challenging. The slowest players will be eliminated, after which the remaining players will engage in the final battle. Fall Guys requires score accumulation and skin upgrades in order to win. Let's play together now!


  • 3D graphics with controllable characters are delightful.
  • There are four distinct game modes: race, survival, team, and ultimate.
  • Multiplayer game with a huge arena.
  • Realistic physics create a thrilling race.
  • Customize characters and skins with ease.


Use the arrow keys and the space bar to play.

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