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Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope

It's time to solve puzzles and help Om Nom get candy in Cut The Rope. This is a game that requires logical thinking and tests millions of people's brains. Your task is to cut the rope so that the candy can fall and hit our character's mouth. As the candy falls, collect as many stars as possible. The stopwatch is running. If you complete the task after the allotted time, you will be eliminated. Don't let that happen! However, if you fail, you can also try again.

Play tips

  • What obstacles hinder you? The first obstacle is a bubble, which causes the candy to float. Consider a trampoline that causes the candy to bounce. If you don't have a solution for each situation, you cannot win.
  • At levels with red wires, adjust the force to cut the wire appropriately. This string easily causes the candy to fly away.
  • Follow the game's initial instructions. At that time, you will understand the rules of the game and how to win.
  • Collect stars to unlock some areas.

How to play

To cut the rope, click and drag your mouse.

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