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Enjoy the excitement of solving puzzles in Wordmeister. This is a word game similar to classic Scrabble, in which you learn to create words with the letters provided. You can create each word in either a horizontal or vertical direction. You can arrange the given letters to score as many points as possible. You create words that are at least two characters long. This is when you get to use your extensive vocabulary. 

Wordmeister has 84 squares to create the highest-scoring words. Try placing letters on colored squares to increase their value. It's time to apply your intelligence. By changing your turn, you can swap as many letters as you like for new ones. If you are having difficulty, you can skip the turn or shuffle the letters.


  • Wordmeister tests the players' vocabulary.
  • Use your brain and logic skills.
  • Compete with AI to see who wins.
  • Create words on the table, both horizontally and vertically.

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