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Crazy Alien Adventure

Crazy Alien Adventure

Now is the perfect moment to embark on an exciting journey with Crazy Alien Adventure. Transform into an adorable and brave animal on a mission to save other species. Act immediately to rescue the many trapped animals in cages.

Explore items and features

To become even stronger, collect more stars along the route, as well as numerous other power-ups. You can acquire the following items along the way: The items available include Rocket, Gorilla, Buffalo, Double, Boost 35m, Boost 70m, and Boost 100m. You can purchase and upgrade these products in-store at the same time. Let's collect as many stars as possible! In addition, you can purchase extra lives and new caps for your character. What are you waiting for? There are a total of 18 different animals that you can rescue. Take action now.

When you fail, you can restart your trip. Rescuing animals is a wonderful endeavor! Despite their durability, iron cages are susceptible to destruction. All of the animals should be rescued and released. Do you enjoy intriguing adventure games? Let's play more Turtle Quest.

How to play

  • Use WASD/arrows - move
  • W - parachute jump
  • S - falls
  • D - acceleration
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