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Turtle Quest

Turtle Quest

Welcome to Turtle Quest, an exciting adventure game in which you must rescue the Master while defeating the enemy Tyfun. Everything is full of challenges ahead! You will transform into a Turtle and embark on an incredible mission. Begin your journey and progress through eight different levels to collect vials of yellow liquid. This is the Master's antidote; collect all of it.

Jump over deep holes and sharp spikes. Get more power-ups and jump to other platforms. There are large gaps that you can't jump over, so use the rope to climb up and pass more easily. Continue moving forward! What awaits you? Each level is a mystery to everyone. Each level allows you three lives. Don't fall into the trap unintentionally. Attempt to get the highest score. It's time to play!


How to play

  • Press the up arrow to jump. 
  • To move left, press the left arrow.
  • To move right, press the right arrow.
  • Press A to shoot boomerangs. 
  • Press S to spread rope.
  • Press D - to Open Parach.
ADVENTURE HYPERCASUAL platform adventure casual 2d
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