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Among us The imposter

Among us The imposter

Among us The imposter is a special edition of Among Us in which our little characters attempt to flee from danger. Instead of being an impostor, you've transformed into stranded astronauts on a mission to save yourself. Run forward, jump, and slide over obstacles to safely reach the exit gate.

The game contains a total of 15 different levels. Each time you play, you will see important indicators such as the number of points, failures, and stars earned. How many levels have you passed? In each level, you will save a different little character. Let us face sharp spikes, dangerous axes, and various traps. Jumping and sliding at the right time can assist you in safely avoiding traps. If you fail, you can play again. It's time to unlock even more exciting rewards!

Play tips

  • Quick reflexes allow for the execution of multiple flexible movements in succession.
  • To best handle the situation, focus on the front.
  • Play with the most relaxed attitude; this will help you achieve better results.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move.


Use Arrow or Touch and Slide

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