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Among Us

Among Us

Play Among Us to find the impostor who is attempting to damage your spaceship. Unfortunately, an impostor is killing everyone on a spaceship of 4 - 15 people attempting to prepare for a new journey. Your mission, along with the other astronauts, is to complete all missions or find the impostor and remove him from the train.

Vandalism can be used by impostors to create chaos, make killing easier, and provide a better alibi. You're also aware of how dangerous the impostor is, right? Now, work with your teammates to find that person. You can also impersonate someone else and carry out the mission to assassinate the others. It is always difficult to decide who to trust. Escape from murder and pitting the team against an innocent opponent is always exciting. All of these missions are difficult, but you can also try playing more Christmas Impostor Run and Impostor Assassin.


  • The game is based on the popular Mafia games.
  • You can invite friends to join you in solving the puzzle.
  • The leaderboard of the day's best achievements is constantly updated.
  • The gameplay is straightforward and appealing to players.
  • There's a lot to discover with the graphics.


To play, use the mouse and keyboard arrows.

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