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Advertisement is a pirate game with numerous engaging objectives. The background makes you a pirate who has been shipwrecked. Then you are stranded with other pirates on a deserted island. Now, the primary objective is to defeat other pirates and plunder all of the booty. How to combat pirates and become the island's new owner. Provide more strategies than logic. Fight with opponents who are weaker than you to earn more points. If you encounter a powerful pirate, you should temporarily avoid him and wait for an opening. Collect the maximum amount of coins. Good luck! You can play additional games like Fall Beans and Worm Hunt - Snake game IO zone if you enjoy .IO games.

Tips and Tricks

  • Put yourself in the shoes of a pirate and act accordingly.
  • Unlock chests and collect coins to grow in size.
  • Utilize your unique sprinting abilities to outrun your opponents.
  • Avoid hazardous, poisonous gases. If you fall into it, you will sustain harm.
  • Wait for a favorable opening and then attack the opponent with surprise.


  • Use mouse to move.
  • Left click to attack.
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