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Xmas Match 3 Dare

Xmas Match 3 Dare

This Christmas, solve Xmas Match 3 Dare puzzles. There are thousands of levels against which you can compete to clear your board. Swap, drag, and sweep match-3 pieces that resemble a tree or a clover, bells and jewels, a cake, or a snowflake. Make matches of four to five to generate potent bombs and power-ups.

It is essential to employ a strategy and eliminate colored candies. Combining candies can produce unique effects. After completing a level, you are eligible to progress to the next. To earn more candy stars and a higher score, finish the level as quickly as possible.

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  • Christmas songs and themes are enjoyable.
  • Bright visuals and lively gameplay.
  • You have access to over 4000 levels.
  • It is simple to operate and play.
  • You have an unlimited amount of time to play.


  • Match 3 identical candies.
  • 4 candies must be matched to create this festive Striped Christmas Candy.
  • Combine 5 delectable cookies in an L- or T-shape to create a present that explodes in all directions.
  • To obtain Colored Candy, combine 5 pieces. Although it appears simple, it is in fact brilliant. This candy disassembles pieces of the same hue.
  • To obtain a Rainbow Heart, you must match 5 T-shaped cookies. This is the gift that triggers a chain reaction and destroys the cookie.
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