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Vex 6

Vex 6

The most recent installment in the Vex series is referred to as Vex 6. You will have access to newly added and improved features. In order to proceed to the next and final level, you will have to overcome a number of challenges, including obstacles and chains.

In order to prevail in this game, you will need to overcome challenges such as sharp spikes, hidden knives, and other obstacles. If you have already participated in the preceding games in the series, you will find that the newest and most exciting installment is very familiar to you. It is necessary to accomplish all of the objectives on each level before moving on to the next.

There are a lot of benefits to reaching Vex 6. There are three goals to achieve in Vex 6. To pass each level, you must either acquire a certain number of coins or play through the entire level without losing your life. There is a daily bonus phase that you can participate in, which gives you access to different rooms and allows you to finish daily quests.


  • You can acquire new looks for your character by playing the game.
  • Daily tests and an additional level bonus.
  • You are not charged extra to play in the full screen mode.


  • Utilize the WASD or Arrow keys on your keyboard to move your character around the environment.
  • Mobile You can jump around the screen and slide it by pressing the left and right buttons on your phone.
ACTION STICKMAN action stickman controls vex vex 6
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