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TrollFace Quest: Horror 3

TrollFace Quest: Horror 3

The game TrollFace Quest Horror 3 has a horror-based setting and atmosphere. You are about to take part in one of the strangest, most exciting, and gruesome adventures that you will ever have the opportunity to experience.

Your mind is one of your most trusted allies. Make sure that the characters and objects in the scene are in the right order by selecting them one at a time using the mouse. If the characters find themselves in terrible predicaments or meet their deaths, there is probably something you're doing wrong. If you get stuck, try using hints. This is a point-and-click game that will take you on exciting adventures and help you figure out the solutions to puzzles. This series of Halloween games will put your bravery to the test!


  • Engaging and challenging gameplay.
  • There are a number of increasingly terrifying challenges to overcome.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • There are a lot of characters in popular culture.


Have some fun with the mouse.

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