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Trash Dash

Trash Dash

Trash Dash is an adventure in a stray cat's small alleys that is always hungry. This poor character is trying to collect the fish bones scattered everywhere in the alley. However, trash cans, barriers, and obnoxious rats always want to block the little cat's wishes. To guide the cat as far as possible, you must avoid these things. It's a pity that the cat in Trash Dash can't "eat" the smelly mice. In short, you need to avoid everything except fish bones, stars, and abilities.

Your character will have three lives per turn. This means that if three collisions occur, your round will end completely. The game requires divine reflexes and you will need to practice many times to master the properties of every entity on this journey. Additionally, players can perform daily missions to improve their achievements. Also, don't forget to visit the in-game shop to buy top accessibility items.

Explore the Entrancing Features

  • Addictive endless-running gameplay.
  • Clear graphics with challenging but fun routes.
  • The achievement storage feature makes it easy to track your progress.
  • Great store with diverse accessibility.

Navigate Your Cat

The wild cat will automatically run at a constant speed throughout the journey. Players use the arrow keys to control some of the character's movements, such as jumping up, bending down, left, and right.

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