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Trap Tap Puzzle

Trap Tap Puzzle

Trap Tap Puzzle will challenge your analytical abilities and smart strategies. This unique and addictive gameplay can keep you immersed for hours. A series of levels with tricky mazes require top-notch analytical skills. Your task is to guide the cube(s) to the location of the holes. Your character(s) can only move one step at a time across each square in the terrain. Furthermore, the blocks' designs are not the same. Let's make it clearer!

The Signature Terrain

  • Complete box: It appears as a whole block, and your character can move and stand on it for an unlimited time.
  • Temporary cells: They will appear with cracks. As soon as the cube stands on it, it will activate and disappear as soon as the cube leaves.
  • Cells to unlock: They will appear blurry, like silhouettes. To open this path, you need to maneuver the character to touch a block with a button.
  • Moving box: A white circle will appear in the box like a space gate. When the cube stands at this point, you can choose one of the other complete boxes to jump to.
  • Colored tiles: These are special blocks. Only the object which has the same color as these boxes can enter.

The Marvelous Gameplay

In case there is only one cube, you click on valid boxes, depending on your strategy, to make the character move. If there are two or more cubes, before navigating, you need to select the entity you want to direct. Then, do the same with the target location selections.

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