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Toon Blast Online

Toon Blast Online

Cartoon characters like Wally Wolf, Cooper Cat, and Bruno Bear populate the world of Toon Blast Online. What's your opinion on puzzle games? Yes, YOU are the target audience for this game. You can use your gun to fire blocks together to form stronger combos and advance through the game. Use your puzzle-solving skills to guide the Toon crew through enchanted lands.

Tap the correct block to free the bear from perilous traps and advance through the levels. The faster your reactions, the more likely it is that you will be able to save Toon from dangers like fire, water, spikes, water, and rocks.


  • As you progress through the game and complete numerous challenging levels, more will become available.
  • Getting through each level unlocks a new reward and a chance at a star.
  • You're free to form a squad and take on other players.
  • Games can be transferred between your tablet and mobile device with ease.


  • Use the mouse to navigate your computer.
  • To play on mobile devices, simply tap the screen.
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