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The Runaway Cats

The Runaway Cats

Join the puzzle game The Runaway Cats and try to catch the lovely cat. It's not easy to catch the cat! Restrict the passage so that the cat has no way out. You can stop them in their tracks by using bushes, or at least buy yourself some time by using garden moles to keep the cats away from the hole by shaking the beehive.

As cute as it is, the cat's intelligence is such that it will usually discover a method to break your siege. The key to success in catching the cat is having a plan. Make a matrix, and the cat will be unable to flee. If you are stuck, you can use hints to help you get through the work more quickly. If you enjoy cat games, you can play more The Battle Cats.


  • Adorable visuals and hilarious audio.
  • Improve your puzzle-solving abilities.
  • There are a wide variety of levels to play through, each with its own unique rewards.
  • There are hints to help players complete the objectives quickly.


To play, use the mouse.

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