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Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Welcome to Temple Run 2, an endless running game. It's a game in which you must run away from the enemies while avoiding all the obstacles and pitfalls along the way. Are you overwhelmed by the realism of 3D graphics? You are taking part in a difficult journey. Feel the adrenaline rush each time you avoid danger.

Prepare to face cliffs, forests, and even mines. Overcoming everything and holding a golden idol in hand. Giant wild monkeys will randomly attack, putting you in jeopardy. Thus, hurry up! Coordinate your movements so that they are as rhythmic as possible. Along the way, collect points, gold, and random boosters. It will make it easier for you to overcome obstacles. Immerse yourself in the game by jumping, sliding, and avoiding all the obstacles!


  • There are many enhancements over the original version.
  • 3D graphics with realistic paths, cliffs, and obstacles.
  • Running or fitness boosters that are simple to use.
  • The endless running game is not at all boring.


  • PC: Use the mouse and keyboard arrows to navigate.
  • Mobile: Swipe the touch screen.
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