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Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset

In Tanuki Sunset, you get to play as the cuddly panda Tanuki while you go skateboarding. Achieving a perfect score requires a high level of skateboarding expertise, including the ability to smoothly navigate turns, dodge hazards, collect useful objects, and successfully complete jumps. Stop thinking and start playing right now!

It'll be difficult to rack up as many points as you can as you try to fill your Bonus Roulette Clock with Tanuki Bits. Follow the waves as they twist and turn through the city and up the coast of Sunset Island. Teach Tanuki to do incredible stunts, like jumping down cliffs and backboarding for great distances. Play more games like The Smurfs Skate Rush on your skateboard!

Game Tips

  • Allow the skateboard to float around corners or perform a full 180-degree slide. Slides near obstacles are worth extra points. Your score will increase proportionally to the number of tricks you perform.
  • To move forward in your current quest, add more icons to your collection, like a ringing phone for a new mission or a newborn panda's helpline number and a tape.
  • Grab a hold of a panda cub as he floats through the air in a hot air balloon, looking for a traveling companion.


  • Keys "A" and "D" or "Left" and "Right": Movement
  • "W" Key: Speed Stance (Hold)
  • 180 Slide - S Key
  • Space: Drift
  • Pause - Escape 
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