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Super Knight Adventure

Super Knight Adventure

Super Knight Adventure is an action-adventure game in which you turn into a warrior and fight against your adversaries. At the start of the game, you will confront problems such as adversaries and barriers. Use swords or spears to quickly dispatch your opponents. Don't forget to acquire loot along the route as well.

Along the route, the small knight must collect coins and bullets of various colors. The bullets are pretty difficult to collect, so put your best foot forward. A small knight's solo adventure. You only have three lives in each stage; therefore, don't be subjective in any situation. To advance to the next level, proceed and unlock the door scenario. Have you begun your journey?

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  • W: Jump
  • A: Go Left
  • D: Go Right
  • Space: Attack
  • P: Fireball
ARCADE ACTION ADVENTURE platform arcade fun 2d pixel monsters pixelart construct3 knight
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