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Suika Animals

Suika Animals

Enter the forest with the cute animals of Suika Animals and prove your divine puzzle-playing skills. Surely you will not be able to ignore the fruit drop gameplay and famous merge experiences. Deeply inspired by this hot hit, Suika Animals will take you to meet animals in the lush green forest.

The player's mission is to choose a reasonable location for these entities. Note that these characters are all round and have rolling physics. This is a characteristic to keep in mind if you want to have the most effective strategies. The goal is to create as many as the king of the forest, mighty tigers. After merging two identical objects, you can track the order in the arrow below the container. When the entities merge, they will form another animal that is larger in size, taking up more space in the container. Suika Animals is a basic but challenging strategy game. You need to carefully calculate each turn to be able to create a top turn next time. Gamers monitor the cloud in the right corner of the screen to determine which character will appear next.

The Marvelous Features

  • The puzzle game is famous for creating cute animals.
  • Sharp graphics with vivid images open up a beautiful animated world.
  • This is a free and unlocked game.
  • Easy access and simple controls.

How to Play

You hold down and move the mouse to determine the direction, then release to let the character fall into the box. Or you can click on a desired location. Players can apply a small trick to put all the large entities in one corner.

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