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In the game of Snake, the goal is for the snakes to consume as many white spots as they can. To pause, press space, and move the snake, use the arrow keys. Make sure you don't run into the wall or eat your tail.

You can "eat" points and level up in this classic snake game. Watch out for that tail, because if you hit it or the wall, the snake will die. If the snake dies, you get a fresh start.

There are three different difficulty settings available. and Slope are also available.

Advice for Players

  • You may be tempted to rush in and grab the white spot, but if your snake is retreating, you should wait until its tail disappears before entering the passage. other.
  • Master the art of making quick u-turns. One useful strategy for the game of snake involves popping a coin. The rapidity with which the snake moves makes it possible to be struck before your body has a chance to react. In order to avoid colliding with the wall, you'll need to master the turns.
  • Just keep playing snakes and that tail of yours will keep growing. If you want to avoid running into your own tail or a wall, it's best to focus on the edges of the screen. This facilitates navigation throughout the rest of the academic institution.


Please use the arrow keys or the touch screen to navigate.

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