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Sheep Sheep!

Sheep Sheep!

Sheep Sheep! You will enjoy an entertaining and exciting match-3 game. You are required to locate three patterns that look similar on the screen and arrange them in the grid below. The more difficult the port game, the higher it becomes. Now it's time for you to prove your skills!

All the textures of the tiles can be used for farming and other farm themes. You can quickly unlock new buckets, cobs, and rakes in order to bring down the tower. You can match stones quickly and then disassemble them. There will be layers that you need to take off first. Before you can remove the second template class, you must first remove the first. You will notice that the bottom game has 7 tiles. To remove them, you only need to place three of the same squares on each tile. Let's also play Candy Chain Match and Candy Match 2.


  • Match-3 puzzle game that tests your abilities.
  • Each model is unique.
  • Time limit.
  • There are many props to purchase in the mall.


Play with the mouse.

PUZZLE ARCADE match-3 sheep sheep!
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