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Santa Run

Santa Run

Participate in Santa Run by accepting the role of a gift-delivery elf. Change your appearance to that of Santa Claus as he races around the world handing out gifts.Try to rack up as many points as you can as you race through the city streets while avoiding the various hazards in your path.

Cross the snowy ground by sprinting, gliding, and leaping. Move forward as quickly as possible, dodging and collecting coins. Assist Santa in making his global gift delivery before it's too late! Assist Santa in escaping from one building to another while he dodges icicles and towers. Santa could get hurt if he were to fall between the buildings, ruining Christmas for everyone. Increase your time spent playing Snowball War: Space Shooter and Parkour Block Xmas Special with a holiday theme.


  • Holiday-themed illustrations for special features.
  • Run on decision in santa village.
  • Avoid hazards and gather currency.
  • Features double gold props and run endlessly.


Use the UP ARROW KEY to jump, the 'E' KEY to toss Santa's sack, and the SPACEBAR to toss coal. Use the on-screen buttons on touchscreen devices to control Santa.

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