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Run Gun Robots

Run Gun Robots

Let's play Run Gun Robots, a game of shooting and destroying robots. Your mission is to run and fight with other large robots while avoiding deadly traps.

Jumping from building to building is the most common action, which is both dramatic and dangerous. You will most likely face up to four different enemies, each with their own set of characteristics and weapons. To buy more power and win easily, you must accumulate as many points as possible. It's not easy dealing with giant robots and a series of traps. Survive a series of perils to emerge as a new hero.

Don't back down from the big baddies. Instead, take it easy, relax, and use all of your natural abilities. Let us know what you think of Getaway Shootout after you've played Run Gun Robots.


  • Shooting game with interesting robots.
  • 4 big bosses to fight.
  • Features and attributes of each character separately.
  • More than 10 exciting levels.


  • Mobile: Touch the button on the screen to Jump, Shoot or pass a platform.
  • PC: W or Up to jump, X or Spacebar to shoot, S or Down to pass the platform.
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