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Rescue Kitty Puzzle

Rescue Kitty Puzzle

Play Rescue Kitty Puzzle and begin your quest to save the cat as soon as possible. The cat finds itself imprisoned in a box, with only one escape route available. You must control the cat's ability to bounce against the wall and bounce to the correct exit. If the cat hits the wall but does not bounce off the correct exit, you will lose and have to play again.

The game applies the laws of physics to the cat, like a balloon hitting the wall and bouncing. By mastering the law of jet reaction, you can escape through the laser door. The cat cannot pass through the laser gate directly; instead, it must hit the wall once and then exit the gate again. Play over and over again until you succeed and move on to the next level. Play and solve puzzles today!

Explore features

  • The Rescue Kitty Puzzle has 100 different levels of play.
  • Simple 2D graphics.
  • This puzzle game applies the law of reaction physics.
  • Win each level to unlock the next one.

How to play

Click on the cat, hold the left mouse button, and drag so the cat shoots in that direction.

PUZZLE SHOOTING physics puzzle 2d cat kitty
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