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PAPER.IO 2 is a popular IO game. Your mission is to expand your territory as much as possible. The game starts with a small island for each player. You can make it bigger by adding new areas, but watch out for foes as you do so. You are safe on your own turf but exposed when you leave it.

Use the mouse to navigate and click and drag to assign your color to various locations on the map. Hovering the mouse pointer over the empty areas and the artwork of other players will confirm the selected region.

If you stray from your color, your tail will be vulnerable to attacks. That means the other players might try to catch up to you and wipe you out.

Tips play

  • It's best to stick within your own shade. If you don't, you risk total destruction. Be careful, and don't let your opponent sniff out your weak spots.
  • When your opponent's tail is out in the open, it's time to strike. This is a surefire method for rapidly and efficiently expanding your territory.


Utilize the pointing device or WASD to navigate.

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