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Magic Cat Academy 2

Magic Cat Academy 2

Join forces to kill the ghosts in Magic Cat Academy 2. During the initial encounter at Magic Cat Academy, the ghost boss fled to the depths of the ocean. Play as Momo and find the final boss. Fight not only monsters but also possessed minions, like undead jellyfish, sharks, vampire squids, and fishing fish. To battle the last boss, strike it with lightning. The greater your success in the game, the more ghosts you must destroy. Use a touchscreen or the mouse cursor on a laptop or desktop to design icons and destroy ghosts. Swings a multi-shaped magic wand in a circular motion, granting the user a shield and a spiral that repels all monsters. Have fun!

5 levels

  • Light Zone (Medusa Immortal)
  • Twilight Zone (Bogue)
  • Bathyal Region (Vampire Squid)
  • Monkfish (Monkfish)
  • Hadal Region (Volcano)


  • Endless game.
  • Cute cartoon 3D graphics.
  • Draw symbols to defeat Ghost.


Use the mouse to play.

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