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Jewels Classic

Jewels Classic

Beat every level in the match-three puzzle game Jewels Classic. You are tasked with swiping and combining the gems to form incredible combinations and complete the challenge. The greater the destructive force, the more stones will be destroyed as the combination size increases. This results in a certain number of points.

Playing Jewels Classic is an excellent mental workout. Before making a move, one should exercise caution. With relatively straightforward rules, it doesn't take long to get used to. If you match four or five stones at once, you will generate special items that can break additional diamonds, allowing you to quickly complete the level. With multiple levels of play, the level increases as it progresses. The game's difficulty will be increased. Now is the time to challenge yourself! In addition, you can play additional games that are similar to Candy Match.


  • With attention-grabbing graphics and effects.
  • Multiple gameplay modes and over 2,000 unique levels.
  • Classic style, comfortable experience.
  • Free diamonds and abundant rewards.


Swipe the gems with the touch screen or mouse.

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