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Home Pin 2

Home Pin 2

Help the mother and daughter who have been abandoned by their husband in Home Pin 2. Are you ready to solve the puzzle to save mother and child? This is a puzzle game in which you help the mother and daughter solve their problem and find their ideal home. They may be cold and thirsty, with nowhere to stay. The baby is thirsty for milk and lacks toys. What can you do? Use your intelligence to assist them in resolving any issues that may arise. Collect firewood, do laundry, and grab a bottle of warm milk. There are numerous other tasks you can complete.

Each puzzle will engross you, leaving you uncertain about which pin to pull first. Think about the needs of the mother and child, and what steps you need to take to avoid damaging the item. In some puzzles, bombs will appear and explode if they come into contact with anything. After completing a level, you will receive an extremely valuable reward. The more puzzles you solve, the better things will be for mother and daughter. The future may come in the form of a massive mansion.


  • The plot encourages players to solve puzzles.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Puzzles test the player's brain.
  • Each level contains a large number of items to discover.

How to play

Pull the pins to ensure the item reaches the mother and child safely. Avoid damaging items and bombs.

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