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Gun Mayhem Redux

Gun Mayhem Redux

Gun Mayhem Redux is a well-known killer game that is ready to destroy all opponents. To participate in this difficult battle, players must be stronger and more flexible, as well as proficient with weapons. Set up four players or play alone! Bring together your own team to fight for glory.

Always acquire new weapons in order to more effectively eliminate your enemies. You will fall if you stand too close to the abyss. Players can find 21 unique weapons with two firing modes in particular. Players must understand the map and the new game modes in order to always grasp the situation. Begin with the tutorial to learn how to play and prepare to defeat all enemies.


  • The classic gun battle action game is now available.
  • There are numerous unique weapons with two firing modes.
  • A brand new map with strategic gameplay has been created.
  • Equip yourself with the best weapons and clothing.


1st Player:

  • Move - ARROW KEYS
  • Quick shoot - Z
  • Aim and shoot - X

2nd Player:

  • Move - WASD
  • Quick shoot - T
  • Aim and shoot - Y
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