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Garden Tales 3

Garden Tales 3

The sequel to Garden Tales is called Garden Tales 3. Any fan of the match-3 genre will appreciate this sequel. The previous section must be completed by linking together three or more fruits. A wealth of rewards and hidden items await you on your adventure.

To complete a match-3 puzzle, you need only switch any two adjacent fruits. Three or more of the same kind must result from each swap. Explosives and other boosters can be used to clear a large area of flowers and fruit in one fell swoop.

You spend all your free time playing Garden Tales 3. Both Bubble Shooter Candy 2 and Bubble Pop Adventures could be fun for you. To test your mettle, play a match-3 game.


  • Various fruits and trees populate this match-3 game.
  • Joint support is boosted with the help of accelerators.
  • Get a job so you can afford to buy more rocket upgrades.


Turn the three flowers and three fruits around.

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