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Foxy Land

Foxy Land

Become a hero in Foxy Land and protect your girlfriend from the return of the eagle. To find his lost love, you must transform into a fox and overcome all obstacles and traps. An entertaining game with 36 levels of increasing difficulty. What must Foxy do to save our young daughter?

Diamonds and berries can be used to upgrade additional accessories and skins. Go to the final level with impressive status! A platformer that's fun to play when you need to practice running, jumping, or parkour. Additionally, you can play additional emulator games, such as Jumpee Land and Crashy Cat.


  • Adorable visuals.
  • Master and control with ease.
  • In addition to the 36 regular levels, there are an additional 3 special ones.
  • Collect crystals and cherries.


Press W/A/D to move around. Use "space" to jump.

ACTION ADVENTURE BOYS running platform mario platformer animals run retro cute pixel sonic super parkour forest fox meat pixelart diamond supermario
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