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Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

Let's play Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim, a fire truck driving simulation game in which you travel throughout the city and rescue burning houses. The bad men trashed and burned down the dwellings. You must put out the fire as soon as possible. Launch your fire truck and make your way across the modern city, saving innocent lives. This is a difficult game because you must safely drive the fire truck around the city while performing your firefighter duties.

Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim is a meaningful game that teaches us to be dedicated to our profession and not be scared to put ourselves at risk in order to save others. Furthermore, the beautiful graphics and genuine sound system will provide you with the greatest experience. Therefore, you may have more fun with Gun War Z2.



  • W-Forward
  • S-Backward
  • A-Left
  • D-Right
  • F-In/Out Truck
  • ESC- Pause
  • R-Reset Truck
  • Z-Spray Water
  • Y-Accept Mission
  • N-Decline Mission
  • L-Police Light
  • Q-Fly/Land
  • I-Instructions
3D ACTION ADVENTURE driving flying drive truck
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