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FlappyCat Crazy Halloween

FlappyCat Crazy Halloween

Enjoy Halloween with FlappyCat Crazy Halloween game. It's time for you to assist the cat in overcoming numerous challenges. The game draws inspiration from Flappy Bird, yet it presents numerous differences. The Halloween theme enhances the game's appeal. Your goal is to guide the cat, which has a motor attached to its back, as it moves around the playing field without colliding with the tower in the center of the screen.

Control the cat skillfully so that it can fly at a constant height and travel back and forth. You can move the gray cells back and forth, creating a column in the center of the screen. Do not run into the creepy, pumpkin-shaped boxes. Otherwise, the game will finish. The longer you keep going without striking any obstacles, the greater your score will be. You will earn one point for every time you touch the wall's side. Get the highest score!


  • The game draws inspiration from Flappy Bird.
  • A familiar Halloween theme.
  • Continue to play indefinitely.


Click to avoid walls.

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