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Extreme Run 3D

Extreme Run 3D

Join the endless race in Extreme Run 3D. Colorful neon lights illuminate the racetrack, making you feel the challenges ahead. Your ball starts to move forward. You may encounter spikes or voids. Jump over them to continue your journey safely. Alternatively, you can do it quickly to avoid spikes and steep sections. You can advance to the next level after completing the previous one.

A quick release will help you get further. Decipher the maze of dangerous and mysterious paths. Every time you take action, raise your adrenaline levels to their peak. Become the master of all games! How many road frames can you pass? Split-second decisions can save your life. So, play now and experience the thrill!

Levels of play

  • Easy (11 levels)
  • Medium (10 levels)
  • Hard (10 levels)
  • Extreme (10 levels)

How to play

  • Left/right arrows to move left and right.
  • Arrow up to jump.
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