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Doge Blocks

Doge Blocks

Doge Blocks is an addictive sorting puzzle game with funny shapes of dogs. Gamers’ mission is to arrange the positions of these character blocks to fit the given underground terrain. Each level will have different character shapes and terrain. You need to complete the previous level to unlock the next level.

You need to have a very intelligent arrangement so that all entities are exactly covered with underground cells. Additionally, Doge Blocks' light bulb hint feature in the right corner of the main screen will assist players. 

To arrange places for lovely dogs

Simple control operations include holding the click on the character and dragging it to the desired location. You can sort as many times as you like so that when you finish sorting, all entities are covered in the given table.

To make sorting easier, place the biggest block on the board first.

Discover the excitement of puzzle games

If you are a person with excellent organizing ability and want to conquer more difficult puzzle games, consider games like Blocks Fill Tangram, Wood Block Journey, etc.

How to play

  •  Use the mouse or tap the screen to click and drag on the screen to move the doge.
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