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Crossword Kingdom

Crossword Kingdom

Crossword Kingdom is a marvelous crossword puzzle game where players are challenged with your vocabulary skills. On the main screen of the game, randomly arranged empty boxes and a set of letters will appear. Your task is to use these characters to fill in the blanks to form meaningful vocabulary.

Crossword Kingdom has 120 levels in total and you need to complete the previous round to unlock the next. Besides, each round will have suggested accessibility support in the middle below the screen. You can make many mistakes, as long as you fill in all the vocabulary in the blank boxes.

How to make a word?

To create vocabulary in Crossword Kingdom, players hold down the left mouse button and drag from the first letter to the last letter of the word you want to combine. For example, if you want to create the word “WORD”: Hold the click in the order W -> O -> R -> D

  • Become a vocabulary master: 

Prioritize easy words first and use that character's suggestion to guess the other words.

Words usually do not appear multiple times on consecutive levels.

The world of crossword games

The world of crosswords is always of interest to those who want to challenge their vocabulary skills. And if you want to find more interesting games, immediately explore some games such as Mini Crossword, Word Hundle, and so on.

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