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Christmas Night of Horror

Christmas Night of Horror

This Christmas, play Christmas Night Of Horror, a horror special game. With a touch of the macabre to make this Christmas one to remember. Grab your weapon and prepare to do battle with a wide variety of monsters and serial killers.

Fight alone against Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Siren Head, or another monstrous foe. You have access to a variety of weapons, including shotguns, grenades, knives, and chainsaws. Restore calm to the holiday season and save Santa from the clutches of the bad guys. You can also try your hand at games like Mineworld Horror and Backrooms.


  • Incredible 3D visuals.
  • Very user-friendly interface.
  • 5 weapons - Dual Pistols, Shotgun, Minigun, SMG, Knife, Chainsaw and Molotov Cocktail.


  • WASD = move
  • Mouse = aim / shoot
  • F = grab / interact
  • Shift = run
  • Space = jump
  • G = grenades
  • 1-6 = weapons
  • T = adrenaline mode
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