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Cat Strapped

Cat Strapped

Cat Strapped is a unique and addictive word puzzler that will keep you hooked. In this game, you begin with 8 adorable cats who are strapped with C4 explosives! As you progress, you'll guess letters to uncover the puzzle. But be careful, because for every wrong guess, one of the poor little kitties will explode! However, don't despair! For each correct puzzle you solve, you'll earn back 2 cats. The game ends when you run out of cats.

Key Features

  • Over 3000 puzzles to challenge you!
  • More than 16 cats to save from explosive danger!
  • Delight in the cute and charming graphics.
  • Experience a humorous twist on a classic word puzzle game.

How To Play

  • Select letters to reveal the hidden puzzle.
  • Be cautious! Every incorrect guess results in a cat explosion.
  • With each completed puzzle, two cats will be rescued.
  • The game concludes when all the cats have been used up.
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