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Cat Runner

Cat Runner

Cat Runner is a fun, endless racing game featuring a cute cat. Your mission is to run down the street and collect as many fish bones as you can. You may come across various obstacles such as ships, cars, and so on. If you come across any obstacles, avoid them. Gather more gold bars to purchase new items, such as other cat characters. Explore new worlds while racing at high speed. Prepare yourself for this never-ending running game!


  • Cat Runner is a simple game to play and control.
  • New items, cat characters, accessories, and themes are now available for purchase.
  • There are numerous pets to choose from, including cats, unicorns, and dogs.
  • This is a never-ending running game.


  • Use the left or right arrow key to switch lanes.
  • Press the up arrow to leap.
  • Arrow down to slide.
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