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Castel Wars Modern

Castel Wars Modern

Have you joined the multi-context fighting game? Then let's play Castel Wars Modern, an action game with a lot of realism. Discover different settings such as the moon, a future metropolis, and a sci-fi monarchy. weaponry will be different, and fighting gear and weaponry will be more realistic. You're all set to uncover the game's unique features. You can also play more challenging games like Flag Capture.

Game modes

Battle: In this mode, you can explore 3 completely special worlds.

Mayhem: There are 2 characters who need to complete the mission and get out.

Robot zombies:

  • OvO: With 2 players, you need to control them to fight the forces of monsters.
  • Single: You have to overcome the challenge with only 3 lives and fight alone.


Blue Player

  • AD = move
  • W = jump
  • S = create a block
  • E = hit (hold the key to throw the weapon if holding the sword)
  • Q = change weapon

Red Player

  • Left and Right arrow keys = move
  • Up arrow key = jump
  • Down arrow key = create a block
  • L = hit (hold the key to throw the weapon if holding the sword)
  • M = change weapon
2 PLAYER ACTION platform defense shooting strategy war castle pixelart 2player
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