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Bus Driver Simulator

Bus Driver Simulator

In Bus Driver Simulator, you can become a professional bus driver by taking the wheel. You can traverse numerous cities and suburbs and visit a variety of locations. Choose between campaign and multiplayer modes. Accelerate and proceed through numerous situations. You might also face a mound or a bus traveling in the opposite direction. Simply proceed and avoid anything. Can you handle the bus? To play in multiplayer mode, you must collect sufficient coins. In campaign mode, you must complete numerous levels of play.

If you enjoy obstacle racing games, you may play additional Trial Bike Epic Stunts.


  • A driving simulator with 3D visuals.
  • Energizing music boosts the perception of authenticity.
  • Drive on a variety of terrains.
  • There are two distinct play levels. Campaign Mode features 15 unique stages. Multiplayer Mode includes three difficulty settings: Hard, Medium, and Easy.


  • Using WADS: Move
  • Click C: To change camera
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