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Bubble Shooter HD 2

Bubble Shooter HD 2

The sequel to Bubble Shooter HD is an improvement over the first. Your objective is to eliminate every bubble from the chessboard in order to earn as many points as you can. To get rid of a bubble, you must match 2 or more of the same color as your target.

You earn more points for blowing more bubbles in one burst. A foul will be assessed if you miss even one bubble. The game will penalize you with a row and a row of bubbles if you commit enough errors. Don't forget to aim before you shoot!

This game combines traditional gameplay with breathtaking 3D graphics. You can completely relax while playing this enjoyable and straightforward game. There are also other enjoyable ball-firing games available.


  • HD visuals.
  • The game has three levels: novice, expert, and master.
  • It supports full-screen viewing.


Click left to take.

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