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Playing Bloxorz will test your puzzle-solving skills. Playing this 3D block-moving game, your goal is to place the block in the square opening without letting it fall off the screen. Many switches and bridges are spread out across multiple floors. When the block is pressed down on top of the switches, they are triggered into action. To keep the bridge closed, you do not need to hold the switch.

A few switches can be toggled on and off. Some people will constantly change the state of the bridge between open and closed and back again. Some people will build long-lasting connections between communities. A square of either green or red light will flash to show which bridge is open. Pay attention to the orange brick. Avoid it because it is very soft and will cause you to fall.


  • There are numerous shapes in the 3D game.
  • There are numerous obstacles.
  • Gameplay that is both novel and logical.
  • This unique game is highlighted by gray and red graphics.


Use the arrows.

PUZZLE TRAP 3d puzzle move block bloxorz
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