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Block Team Deathmatch

Block Team Deathmatch

Join the Block Team Deathmatch simulation game and shoot indefinitely. You transform into a mercenary and see everything from the first-person perspective. Raise your spirits and get ready for action! Fully equipped, including weapons and armor. Choose the weapon that deals the most damage and is enjoyable to use. Always make sure you are prepared to fight. To stay safe, learn how to fight and defend yourself.

Aim accurately at your opponent. Missing an opportunity makes it difficult to get a second chance. Weapons help you fight. To fully utilize all the features, it is essential to regularly upgrade your weaponry. To improve the performance of assault rifles and other firearms, collect all of the diamonds. You can also exchange cards for new weapons and characters. The game features pixel graphics and realistic simulated combat sounds.

Game Mode

4v4 team mode: Work together and support your teammates to defeat opposing groups.

Single-player mode: Allows you to fight indefinitely.

Sniper mode: Experience intense and fierce combat.



  • Use WASD - move
  • Spacebar - jump
  • Left click - shoot
  • R - reloading
  • F - grenade
  • 1,2 - switch weapons
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