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1v1 LOL

1v1 LOL

A shooting PvP simulator, 1v1 LOL features battles against other players and a variety of building modes to help you defend yourself. The primary mode of play is a deathmatch, where the winner is determined by who is left standing. You can use the environment (such as ramps, walls, and the ceiling) to protect yourself from your enemies' fire or to retaliate against them with your preferred weapon.

The harsh conditions of battle necessitate not only pinpoint accuracy and quick reflexes but also careful planning before each new round. Obtain a large quantity of materials and weapons, such as assault rifles, shotguns, and a pickaxe, to hone your skills in these areas. Are you ready?

Game modes

1v1 LOL has 3 main modes. Let's explore all the different modes, like:

  • BR Duos
  • 1v1
  • 2v2


  • LMB to shoot/build
  • WASD to move
  • Spacebar to jump
  • Shift to bow
  • Z, X, C, V or Y to switch building platforms
  • F, 1 or 2 to swap weapons
  • R to rotate stairs/reload
  • G to create a door on the platform
  • E to open the door
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